Toastmaster Monday

Posted by Paola

Quorn ham and cottage cheese salad sandwich + cassava crisps + fruit



While waiting for my first Toastmaster meeting as a member, I went to a corner shop with a budget of a £1. Tempted by a lamb samosa (just 20% meat) or 8 frankfurters, I went for a pack of Danish salami.

I asked the guy at the till if he had scissors to open the pack because I was going to eat the salami right then. He said “oh my gosh” so I explained it was my dinner. He asked if I wanted a bread roll with it. I said “sure”. He showed me a bag of crusty white rolls and said they were a little old but I could have all four for nothing. I took one only and thanked him.


+ a chocolate Digestive in the meeting break

After the meeting, I saw that the corner shop was still open. I went in and asked if he still had the three bread rolls because I would feed them to the birds. He gave them to me, saying “that’s the most amazing thing you can do.”

I was 20 mins early for my bus. I decided to walk to the next bus stop to pass the time. I was carrying a bag with three dry bread rolls. I ate most of them as I walked. But I did throw the last half away. So much for feeding the birds.



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