Only eating when I’m hungry, 10 Oct 15

I left the house today at 8am for a morning Toastmaster contest. I made a calorie-counted sandwich to take with me. I also had a mandarin and a small bag of Quavers (lowest calorie bag of savoury snacks).

I thought that mayonnaise would add glue and flavour. But a tablespoon is a 100 calories, that’s more than the turkey that featured. I’d seen a programme about how low-fat mayonnaise was made and had decided never to buy it again. Am going to have to revert to low-fat spread for my sandwich glue in an otherwise loose sandwich.

Breakfast during the contest was the 16g bag of Quavers. I then bought a normal bag at the bus station to have my lunch.

Oh, I missed out the most important bit. I was asked to join the others afterwards at an Italian restaurant. I had a slight feeling of dismay while looking at the menu as I was thinking I had a a sandwich in my bag and knew I wouldn’t find anything in the menu with the same calories (to chuck my sarnie). I was considering the soup, prawns, air-dried beef. Then I remembered I had no cash and wouldn’t be able to pay anyway. And, of course, I wasn’t even hungry. It would have just been a social eat. Menu closed. I just had a glass of gap water. Mission accomplished.

It’s now midnight. Had a nap. Not hungry. Not eating.

When one over-eats (eating for the pleasure of eating), only eating when one is hungry is a big deal. It means you’re losing weight but not going hungry.



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