Jumped off and then back on the wagon

20151023_075012Breakfast was on the train to Montreal – thia tray was served for breakfast and I couldn’t finish the frittata. I said no to butter and jam and had tea without sugar but didn’t calorie count or count points.

It would have been impossible to diet this weekend so I have resigned to the fact that I need to have fun without feeling guilty. The log of everything I ate this weekend, ended up as a blog post on the conference – http://www.spicyeggplant.com/fbc-conference/ and I continued ‘off the wagon’ when I got back as it was terribly difficult to get back on it.

I got back into the routine of leaving home at 6am in the morning to get to the Downtown core of Toronto, getting back home late in the afternoon, and since I haven’t been used to all the running up and down the train platforms and getting from one place to another, I have been taking comfort in little food luxuries that I could do without.

21 November :

Anyways, after nearly 4 weeks of having fallen off the wagon, I went back to weight watchers today and got myself weighed in. How on earth did I manage to lose a pound of weight during this time? I was dreading getting on those scales as I was convinced I had gained at least 3-4 lbs, but was flabbergasted to have found I was still losing weight.

I forced myself back onto the wagon today, and since I count my food in weight watcher points, I will write those points next to my food. I am presently allowed 34 points per day, with 49 extra points for the week for splurges.

Breakfast – 1 cup Rice Crispies and 1 cup milk (2%) 6 points

Lunch – Pulled pork Burrito (our Friday take away) 11 points

Tea with milk and sweetener .5 point

Snack – Cheetos x 20 pcs – 4 points

Dinner – Jacket potato with Tuna mayo, a little cheddar cheese and lots of Sriracha hot sauce, tomato salad. 11 points

Dessert – Cheesecake yogurt pot 1 point

Total points used today – 33.5 points

Not hungry at the end of the day as that dinner felt huge!


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