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Posted by Paola

Here’s what you need to know if you want to join us as a Food Confessor.

How to use this blog

There are no content rules.

Write whatever you want, in whatever style, as regularly as you want – whatever works for you to help you lose weight.

Recommended reading

This blog has been going a while and we’ve made some discoveries that you might find useful. Please look at the following key posts as you might find them useful in your own journey.

There is also some other useful stuff.


There are online tools to shrink and compress images, for example pic resize.

  • Don’t upload images wider than 500px – FYI, my food photos are 400px.
  • Shrink photos to the size you want them displayed at (rather than resizing in the edit page).
  • Compress photos to under 50K.


Please assign relevant categories to your posts – see what I’ve done with mine – should be straight-forward.

We are not using WordPress tags.


Please use the built-in styles for headings and lists. Use Heading 3 style for headings within your post.

Posted by

Since more than one person posts to this blog, please start each post with a ‘posted by…’ header. Paola will send you the HTML to use.

About you

Let me know if you want me to add anything about you on the About page.

If you want to have your own progress meter, set one up at tickerfactory.com and send me the HTML it generates.

To update the meter, click on yours to go to a page to enter your PIN and add new weight info.


If you’d like a cartoon avatar, these avatar-makers are good:


We will use the comments system to give some encouragement but please note that we will also suggest changes and you can do the same.

The first comment of a public commenter is always sent to me for moderation.