For the Record

Posted by Jennifer

I tallied and recorded my calories today, but some spreadsheet difficulties have left me unable to post them (yet). I will say that I scarfed down about 1700 calories today. Some canned tuna and a lunch out conspired to make my sodium a bit higher than I would like *and* I still managed too much fat. However, I did rack up a couple of small victories. In addition to keeping up with what I ate today, I also managed to drink 3+ liters of water *and* I went for a 3.2 mile walk tonight. This is the same hilly walk that I was taking nearly every night 2 months ago. However, after 8 weeks of not walking regularly, tonight’s little jaunt nearly killed me. I was really huffing and puffing near the end. But I trudged forward, even when my husband gave up about half way through (wuss!) So… all in all, not a bad day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a more detailed report tomorrow. Cheers! :)


An Ominous Return

Posted by Jennifer

Well after a brief (who am I kidding?) hiatus, I’ve decided that it’s time to start tracking, recording and posting my calories again. I have to admit that after today’s high calorie debacle, I *nearly* chickened and out and pulled an “oh, I’ll wait until tomorrow to start back.” But instead I decided to suck it up, and face the music. I may write more about this on my own blog, but for now, it’s good to be back… even if I did eat poorly today.

A couple of things to note:

  1. I recorded things like carbs, fat, protein, etc, in grams, rather than the daily percentage beacuse, well… frankly, I don’t really know what my daily percentage should be. I guess that’s something I need to figure out.
  2. And, man… it takes a *long* time to record all that stuff. So long that I’m pretty sure I’ll think twice before putting a variety of foods into my mouth. I knew Paola’s html food diary would be a tool to help me lose weight, but I didn’t realize it would work quite like this. :)

Anyway, tomorrow is my first official day back to school and *hopefully* that will also mean a return back to the beloved routines that helped me lose the amount of weight that I already have.

*fingers crossed*

Meal Food | Drink Calories Carbs Protein Fat Fibre Sodium
breakfast banana 90 23.1 1.1 1 6 1
Sub-totals 90 23.1 1.1 1.0 6.0 1.0
lunch my husband and I split an order of nachos while out to lunch with friends. these (over) estimates were the very best that i could do.
tortilla chips 350 54 6 21 1 354
queso cheese 200 3 13 16 0 370
ground beef (I only had 2 bites with meat) 100 0 11 15 0 41
lettuce (iceberg raw) 4 1 0 0 0 3
tomatoes (diced raw) 15 7 2 0 2 9
Sub-totals 669 65.0 32.0 52.0 3.0 777.0
dinner raw spinach (about 2 cups raw) 14 2 2 0 2 48
mushrooms (4 raw baby bella sliced) 22 4 2 0 1 5
tomatoes (diced raw) 15 7 2 0 2 9
chicken grilled (about 5 oz) (no fat used in cooking) 200 0 43.1 5 0 550
salad dressing (thousand island — about 3 tbls) 210 6 0 21 0 400
Sub-totals 461 19.0 49.1 26.0 5.0 1012.0
snack brownie 170 25 2 7 1 149
Sub-total 170 25.0 2.0 7.0 1.0 149.0
Water about 2 liters
Total 1,390 132.1 84.2 86.0 15.0 1939.0

Too Tired to Eat

Posted by Jennifer

It’s been a long and exhausting week and I just haven’t had the energy/gumption to record my calories. Today, as it turns out, I came in pretty low today… but that hasn’t been the case on several of the last few days. I’m hopeful that I’ll feel more inspired and energetic this week and that you’ll see more posts from me which are ripe with healthy eating. *fingers crossed*

Meal Food | Drink Calories
11:00am banana 100
Sub-total 100
2:30pm 2 whole wheat cracker breads 60
1 wedge lowfat laughing cow spreadable cheese 35
Sub-total 95
6:00pm iced tall skinny vanilla latte 90
Sub-total 90
11:00pm egg sand on whole wheat bread 350
2 finn crisps with nutella (i was pretty generous with the nutella) 300
Sub-total 650
Water 2 + liters
Total 935

More Paola-Inspired Snacks

Posted by Jennifer

Meal Food | Drink Calories
10:30am 3 oz lowfat peach yogurt 90
1/2 cup fibre one cereal 60
20 blueberries 15
Sub-total 165
12:00pm 2 cracker breads 40
1 wedge lowfat laughing cow cheese 35
Sub-total 75
2:30pm 1/2 apple 35
2 cups raw spinach 25
2 tbls dressing 150
Sub-total 210
6:30pm 1/2 cheese panini 250
1/2 chocolate chip cookie 125
Iced skinny vanilla latte 90
Sub-total 465
10:30pm 2 finn crisps 100
1 tbls (maybe even less) nutella 95
Sub-total 195
Water 3 + liters
Total 1,110


Posted by Jennifer

Like Sylvia, I too received a lovely package from Paola today! Mine was a complete surprise and I was utterly thrilled! Even though I *had* to try one of everything upon opening it, because all of the treats inside were very low cal, I still managed to stay under my calorie allotment for today. :) I adore everything, but I’m definitely having a love affair with the cracker bread. So good. Thank you again, Paola!

Meal Food | Drink Calories
9:30am 3 oz lowfat strawberry yogurt 90
1/2 cup fibre one cereal 60
1 wedge lowfat cheese 50
Sub-total 200
11:00am 7 wholewheat/honey mini pretzles 110
Sub-total 110
12:45pm 2 stalks celery 12
4 oz tuna + <1tsp mayo + pickle relish 160
1 finn crisp (from Paola!) 50
1 cracker bread (from Paola!) 20
1/2 caramel ricecake (from Paola!) 25
Sub-total 267
5:20pm carrot/apple/celery soup (from Paola! well… kinda) 150
about 5 oz grilled chicken 200
<1 cup steamed cauliflower 25
1 cup fresh pineapple chunks 75
Sub-total 450
7:00pm < 1 tbls peanut butter 75
2 cracker breads (from Paola!) 40
Sub-total 115
Water around 3 liters
Total 1,142

Paola’s (Cousin’s) Carrot/Apple Soup

Posted by Jennifer

I made Paola’s (cousin’s) carrot/apple soup this afternoon and must say that I very much liked the flavor. Per Paola’s suggestion, I did not add the sugar and found the soup to be plenty sweet without it. I also modified the recipe by using low sodium veg stock and left out the bay leaf (simply because I didn’t have one). And finally, I didn’t follow the garnishing instructions… I just left mine plain. I think next time I will only puree 1/2 the soup and leave the other half of the veggies in their whole state, just to add some texture to it. That said, as prepared, I found the soup to be very tasty. Oh, one more thing… this recipe is supposed to make 4 portions, but there’s no way the portion I ate (which was more than enough) equaled 1/4th of the amount made. I imagine that I’m going to get at least 6 servings out of this recipe, but I went ahead and counted it as the full caloric amount of 150. Anyway, thanks, Paola! This soup was very yummy… I’m glad I made it! :)

Meal Food | Drink Calories
11:00am 3 oz lowfat peach yogurt 90
1/2 cup fibre one cereal 60
20 blueberries 15
Sub-total 165
12:30pm 5 oz tuna + < 1 tsp mayo/lemon juice 180
1.5 c raw spinach 20
1/2 sliced tomato 15
Sub-total 215
3:00pm 100 calorie pack crackers 100
1 wedge lowfat cheese 50
Sub-total 150
6:00pm carrot/celery/apple soup (from Paola’s recipe) 150
5 oz grilled chicken 200
Sub-total 350
8:00pm 1 cranberry/orange muffin 150
Sub-total 150
Exercise 3.2 mile walk
Water 3 + liters
Total 1,030


Posted by Jennifer

Not super healthy, but at least I didn’t go over.
One thing I’ve learned: exhaustion is not conducive to healthy eating.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
10:30am 3 oz lowfat strawberry yogurt 90
1/2 cup fibre one cereal 60
20 blueberries 15
Sub-total 165
3:00pm 1/2 cheese panini from starbucks 225
100 calorie pack shortbread cookies 100
Sub-total 325
5:30pm skinny vanilla latte 90
Sub-total 90
7:30pm grilled chicken kebab 160
raw veggies w/dip (not as much as yesterday) 270
Sub-total 430
9:30pm 1/3 can rootbeer (if that much) 65
100 calorie pack shortbread cookies 100
Sub-total 165
Water 2 + liters
Total 1,175