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Food Focus “is a comprehensive online food diary & calorie counter. It works by helping you keep track of what you eat, your exercise and your weight. Food Focus incorporates a vast UK food database so tracking your food is easy. Best of all, Food Focus helps you understand and change your eating habits which is key to losing weight.”

MyFoodDiary.com “gives you the tools you need to make good, healthy decisions about food and exercise (including a food diary, an exercise log, powerful charts & reports, a body log, and a discussion forum).”

Get your own Progress Ticker and graph @ tickerfactory.com

Daily Calorie Needs calculator @ weight-loss.co.nz

Calculate Calories Needed for Goal Weight @ calorie-count.com

Set a realistic “Ideal Weight” goal for your body @ Steven B. Halls, MD

Caloriecount.about.com – free nutritional information

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Kilogram to pound conversion @ http://www.metric-conversions.org

Pound to kilogram conversion @ http://www.metric-conversions.org