Clara, 5 Dec 15

Liver with onions and bread

Crispbreads, crisps, cheese, pickle


One meal, 3 Dec 15

An odd thing, I’m less hungry, which is weird. Maybe because I am inactive.

No calories counted today. I’m assuming I was under 1,200.

Pasta with olives, pesto, artichokes, pesto. With added cottage cheese and crisps.

Followed by pumpkin ice cream. Yuck. But I ate it all anyway.

Catch up, 30 Nov 15

Finally, I’ve started to lose weight: 5lbs (about 2kg). I have realised that I need to eat fewer than 1,200 calories on average a day to lose weight.

I stopped posting when I was away at a conference. I’ve been photographing and calorie-counting all this time. Then I got bogged down in thinking I had to catch up.

Instead here’s a bunch of photos I just deleted so I can resume blogging from today.

Late lunch: mulligatawny soup, cheese salad sandwich, crisps

Late snack: pumpernickel, cottage cheese pickles, crisps, kiwi

Day 2 on the wagon

Breakfast :
Banana – zero points
Pot of yogurt -1 point
Chia seeds and hemp hearts 1 point


Stir fried vegetables – zero points
Oil spray for stir frying
Balsamic vinegar – zero points
Chicken breast strips – 3 points
A mandarin for dessert
Source Dessert pot for a second dessert – 1 point

Stir fried veg and chicken

Stir fried veg and chicken

(didn’t take a picture as phone was dead!)
Tuna Sandwich on low fat bread with Salt and vinegar crisps – 6 points + 4 points
A cup of tea – zero points

Chocolate chip cookie – 4 points with small glass of milk – 2 points

Total points used: 22 points