Nutritional information

Posted by Paola

These are links to tables you can print out for when you shop or eat out in the UK.

I’ve made the tables for my own use and so they only list those things I would choose myself.

Coffee shops

I’ve chosen the following maxes for calories in drinks and food to compile the tables:

  • beverages – 150-200 calories
  • savouries – 500 calories
  • sweets – 300 calories

Note that if you choose the most calorific item from each group in these tables, you will end up with a calorie total which is most of your day’s quota if you’re trying to lose weight.

The Consumer Assocation has a report on the nutritional health of coffee and snacks at the big and independent coffee shops [Jan 2008].

Eating out

Comparison tables

Vegetarian food

Doughnuts & chocolate