Thursday’s Child

Posted by Sylvia

I was feeling hungry this morning so had breakfast. The Danone yogurt with muesli mixed in tasted quite nice but at 106 calories, well, I don’t know. I guess it annoys me that I had an almost-as-nice yogurt at 54 calories. I’ll have to let go of that.

I decided to try mixing the plain yogurt with the fruity one and add muesli and a bit of honey and see if I could come up with a decent combination. It’s a bit difficult to make new things when you can’t taste them!

So I just mixed a big batch and hoped it would be edible and then and then served myself a portion. It was VERY nice – finally got to a combination that seemed worth the calories (111).


Steak Veal 125
Veg Steamed Artichoke 65
Butter 30
Salad Watercress 8
Radishes 4
Olive oil 61
Mustard 5
Total Calories 298

However, after dinner and dessert I was still very hungry. This was not helped by reading a message board thread where everyone was talking about chocolate (*glares at Georgina*). I decided to do nothing and see how I felt.


Breakfast Milky Coffee 30
Yogurt 52
15g muesli 54
Lunch Lamb Stir Fry with Rice 414
Dinner Small steak & Veg 300
Snack Pickled Vegetables 30
Dessert Yogurt and Muesli 111
Nightcap Options Hot Chocolate 32
Total Calories 1,023

I had a hot chocolate and no more food. I mentioned to Cliff that he didn’t seem to be suffering from hunger like I was. He told me that he just didn’t moan about it as much as I did. Oops.

I didn’t die of starvation so that’s OK then.


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